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Crash at Income

No matter what, it crashes on my IPad Air when I get to income and expenses...not good

Almost perfect

I love the fact I can be mobile for my clients and also continue working even if I am on the beach.

Great App

Keep the updates coming!

Great app, easy to use

As a tool for basic loan apps, I've found this one to be greatly useful, easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. I highly recommend to all of my friends in the industry. Good job on this one. S

Great and easy to use

This is so easy to use. I can take applications anywhere and it's easy to do. This is very ground breaking and makes my job much easier.

Great App

This is a very simple user friendly app. I can complete the entire loan app in the field including pulling credit and send an approval letter to my client/realtor immediately, without have to return to the office. My life is vastly improved by this app. I don't know why this hasn't been done sooner!


Exactly what I was looking for, easy to use in the field, really like that it's free!


Very cool! Easy to use!

Not good

No dti ratios, MI or other essential tools needed when taking an app

It's just a 1003 to me

So basically the free version is merely a 1003? I see no way to export to FNMA 3.2? MI has to be calculated manually, no amortization tools, no way to reference or calculate DTI...throw these seemingly simple features in and one could work within this one app...otherwise just a 1003 or am I missing something? Hard to believe a true mortgage professional was consulted on features.

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